4 Best Holiday Destinations for Families in Asia

Always dreamed of traveling through Asia, but not sure if it’s in the cards now that you have a family? Don’t think that toting a few tots (or even older kids) during your travels has to be hard! There are plenty of destinations throughout the Asian continent that are perfectly do-able for busy families, and some that are especially suitable for kids and teens that are curious about the world. Here are the best holiday destinations for families in Asia (at least in our opinion!).




Hong Kong

There are so many reasons to visit Hong Kong with your family. While you might’ve enjoyed the plentiful Michelin-star dining and the world-class designer shopping when you were traveling sans kids, you can see the city through a whole new light when you have your children in tow. There are amazing theme parks that are completely unlike anything you’ll see in the States, lots of outdoor nature activities, plenty of scenic photo ops, and tons of yummy food approved by picky eaters. That’s what makes Hong Kong top of our list of the best holiday destinations for families in Asia.



Bali, Indonesia

Bali welcomes traveling families with open arms and there are so many adventures to be had in Indonesia. Head to the safari parks to get up close with the wildlife of the island. Discover ancient cultures when you visit the many temples. And, of course, there are lots of lovely beaches when you all need to relax a bit.


singapore botanic gardens



Easy to navigate, clean, and safe — these are just a few reasons why traveling families love Singapore. The city offers beautiful green spaces (everyone, no matter their age, will be in awe when they see the supertrees at Gardens by the Bay); nature adventures just outside the city; cool theme parks; and more. Although it may be a little more expensive than the other option, we still think it is one of the best holiday destinations for families in Asia.



Kyoto, Japan

Japan is one of 2019’s top destinations, but perhaps skip the tourist throngs in Tokyo and head to Kyoto instead. This historic city is filled with thousands of shrines and temples just waiting for exploration. The parks are lovely. The food is to die for, and there are cute, kid-friendly aspects of Japanese culture at every turn (Hello Kitty, anyone?).

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