Ideas to Hire a Photographer for a Family Photoshoot at Home

Tired of awkward family portraits? Looking for a fun & unique way to capture your family’s travel memories? Local Lens has captured family holidays in over 100 cities around the world. A family photoshoot at home, believe it or not, can be loads of fun. When you’re not trying to wrangle everyone in front of the fireplace for Christmas Card photography and you’re letting a professional family photographer get the shots, family photos become a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. Who knows — you might just make family photoshoots at home an annual tradition!



Reasons to do a Family Photoshoot at Home

There’s a reason nostalgia exists. We always think back to the way things were. Capture the ways things are now, so you have something to look back on later. You never know which family members will move away, how people will change as they grow up, or, sadly, who might not make it to the next family holiday.

To take advantage of all of the benefits of a family photoshoot at home, you’re going to want a professional by your side. They can make sure everyone looks their best, direct the posing and herd the cats while you reap the rewards — namely, everyone thanking you for thinking of it in the first place and then the loads of compliments you get when everyone sees the prints. Better snag your favorite photo fast, before your sister-in-law claims it for her Christmas card first.



Family Photoshoot Ideas at Home

Family photography is one of the many joys on the internet – who doesn’t love laughing along at those viral awkward family photos? To avoid your family photoshoot at home becoming the next meme, check out the following ideas for a flawless photo session with a family photographer.

Leave those awkward family poses at home folks! When you hire a local professional photographer for a family photoshoot at home, the best photos are genuine, candid moments. Don’t worry about being “on” for the camera – leave it to the photographer to do the hard work!

While a few poses are fine for the Christmas cards, family photo poses are best when they are candid. If you are in the backyard, make sure to get a few shots of the kids playing around, or the entire family playing a backyard game. Enjoy some of the normal activities you love and soon the all-natural smiles and real laughter will follow.



Themes for a Family Photoshoot at Home

If you’ve ever tried to wrangle everyone into taking a few family portraits on Christmas, you know the struggle that comes with getting great photos of everybody all together. Let a professional do the hard work! Our family photographers can ensure a beautiful backdrop, smiles all around, and that even the rowdiest of kids (or big kids) are looking at the camera.

While it can be difficult to let go of control (after all, it’s your family and you’re the mom or dad and you know what you’re doing and how to get cousin Johnny to sit still and behave), take a deep breath and think of some great family photoshoot themes that will leave you with treasured memories with everyone in the photo… finally!


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